David J. Toman



Name: David J. Toman

Nationality: USA

Residence: Taiwan

Sponsored by: 720armour

Sport: Triathlon

Title: Head Coach Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) National Triathlon Team

Selected Results

  • 2009 Half Ironman Kenting (113km) / 10th Overall
  • 2007 Half Ironman Kenting (113km) / 4th Overall
  • 2006 Ironman Kenting (226km) / 2nd Overall
  • 2005 Tai Dong Triathlon (51.5km) / 4th Overall
  • 2002 Tai Dong Triathlon (51.5km) / 3rd Overall
  • 1999-present / 6-time Ironman (swim 3800 m., bike 180 km., run 42.195 km.) finisher
  • 1998-present / multiple age-group winner

Hobbies: Writing, history, music, geopolitics

Vision: While remaining competitive at a high level in Taiwan and abroad as an athlete, to contribute my knowledge and experience to help more athletes get to know and enjoy the sport of triathlon in Taiwan. As national team coach, to develop Taiwan’s best triathletes to compete at a regional and ultimately international level and qualify for the Olympics by 2012.