Samantha 獲得「極地長征」賽事的最佳成績

2010 對720armour 來說是個成果豐碩的一年:不僅有更多來自世界各地的朋友可以享受720armour 優質的產品,也又更多優秀的選手加入了720 團隊。透過720 團隊每一份子的努力,成功的傳達了720armour 的品牌精神:The World, My World!這個世界由我們的眼界、態度與意念所形塑而成。

720armour 非常感謝Samantha 的加入。這位年輕的超跑選手剛結束極地長征賽事的最後一站-南極洲。Samantha 在此站中獲得她個人最佳成績:年齡分組21-29 第一、女性選手第三、全部選手第十(共有53 選手完成此站比賽)。

在南極洲站比賽結束之後,Samantha 前往紐約進行訓練。在問及對「極地長征」比賽的心得,Samantha 分享了她的經歷、目標與熱情。為能忠實傳達Samantha 的感想,茲將全文載於下方:


Samantha 在紐約進行訓練


Antarctica was such a thrilling experience and I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to visit such a beautiful and untouched area of the globe. The race was unlike the other races in the RacingthePlanet series as the start times and the distances we covered were determined by the environment. On the second day of the race we were only able to cover 9kms as a brewing blizzard forced competitors to quickly return to the boat. Other days we would wake up at 3am to start racing but had to hold off until noon because the weather conditions didn't allow us to go onto shore. The qualities of patience and flexibility were crucial in allowing me to achieve my goal in becoming the first women and youngest person to complete the Four Desert Series in one year. The race for first, second and third place female were under contention and incredibly close throughout the whole race. Diana (Ireland) and Mirijana (Croatia) and myself were in a constant yet incredibly friendly battle which pushed each of us to race harder and faster. In the end we crossed the final stage hand in hand and I felt privileged to race with two very experienced endurance runners and lovely females. 

The Last Desert was the final race in the RacingthePlanet series and on paper my most successful race as I placed in the top ten of the field. This mammoth year of racing has been incredibly intense but the most rewarding year and I thank 720armour for the ongoing support throughout every race and during training. I am a big fan of 720's Yoyo glasses and strongly recommend them to any one with a narrow face who wants an ultra lightweight yet durable and highly protective eyewear. 

2011 looks to be a big year of racing as I embark on my first 100mile race in New Zealand (The Northburn), the NorthFace 100km race in the Blue Mountains in Sydney, the New York Marathon and a 250km race in Nepal. -- by Samanth Gash in New York City


南極站的比賽是「極地長征」的最後一站,比賽成績也是我在這系列比賽中最好的一站(第一次晉身前十名)。在2010 年裡,除了「極地長征」、我也參予了其他的賽事,對我來說,2010 真的是很充實的一年。我感謝720armour 在比賽與訓練中所提供的持續的支持。我個人非常喜歡720 的Yoyo 鏡款,樂意推薦給那些跟我一樣有一張小臉的人,同時也想要佩戴一副既輕巧、又強韌、並具保護性的眼鏡。

2011 年對我也將是份量十足的一年。目前已計畫參予的比賽包括:在紐西蘭的100 公里比賽、在雪梨由NorthFace 舉辦的100 公里比賽、知名的紐約馬拉松,以及在尼泊爾舉辦的250 公里賽跑。 -- Samantha Gash 寫於紐約)