720 represents the ultimate sports performance of somersault for 720 degrees in the air and then making a perfect landing.

Behind the continuous brilliant performances is the mind that never gives up confronting challenges and breakthroughs.

Brand story

Founded in 1996 on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, a place full of natural wonders, 720’s rugged sports sunglasses were originally designed for surfing enthusiasts, having both the functions of anti-ultraviolet and impact resistance. The design emphasizes vitality, strength, and avant-garde characteristics.


Having been acquired in 2002 by Hwa Meei Optical Group, 720 has since been equipped with their advanced technology and design. The expanded brand now has an exclusive design team and solid R&D technology that is committed to the development of professional sports sunglasses that meet all kinds of outdoor sports standards. The products range from water sports, cycling, cross-country to mountaineering, etc. The spirit of progress drives 720 to continuously focus on ergonomic technology and advanced optical development, creating an unprecedented outdoor visual experience for outdoor sports enthusiasts.


720 upholds the spirit of progress and creating a brilliant vision, along with the enthusiasm for further exploration to realize people's desire to surpass themselves and explore the world.