A simple mission....

Recovering the blue sea and blue sky by rebuilding the vitality of the ocean is our original intention to develop the Zero & Ocean eyewear series. Through the recycling of discarded marine fishing nets, 720 have successfully reversed those marine fishing nets into a marine regeneration eyewear to protect human eyes.


The cultivation and rebirth of each pair of glasses
= The determination to cleanup waste fishing nets and ocean pollution.




The ocean dominates the normal operation of all ecosystems on Earth 

and determines the future of mankind

Once the ocean is destroyed, 
human beings will follow

Who destroyed the biodiversity 
of the ocean?

Research shows that 90% of the ocean plasticization crisis comes from discarded fishing nets, 

causing the death of marine life and destroying the ecological habitat of bio-diversity.

About 8-13 million tons of plastic waste enters the ocean every year.

25% of greenhouse gases are absorbed by the ocean, and marine microplastics seriously affect marine ecology.

Around 100,000 marine animals die each year from entanglement in plastic.

It takes plastic 500-1000 years to degrade, and the plastic pouring into the ocean will not be completely biodegradable.

The total of Ocean plastic wastes could travel 400 laps around the globe

Ocean plastic will outnumber marine life in 2050

Rebirth of fishing nets 
Weaving the most beautiful sustainable fashion

From creative inspiration to product launch, 

countless challenges have been experienced in the development process.

 From the recycling of fishermen's discarded fishing nets, sorting, cleaning, disinfection 

and melting to strengthening the plastic pellet recycling process


Sustain the good cycle

We are dedicated to use higher cost, critical technology, 

and more dedication with persistent effort, 

just for creating a perfect pair of exquisite glasses.


The Birth of Zero& Ocean Recycled Glasses

Recycling waste fishing nets from the sea to make high-end sunglasses

create a better life

Every pair of sunglasses sold = More fishing nets recycled


Why do we name it Zero&Ocean?

0O0O this is the breath of the ocean, the breath of the sea creatures

=Do not seize resources from the ocean

O=Ocean Lives Forever, sustainable marine ecology


Sustainable design

Durable and Safer to sea

  • Frame/ Re-Nylon Eco-friendly recycled nylon frame

    Lens /Anti-UV400, impact-resistant PC/Polarized lens

    Screw-less / screw-less design

    Rx-able/ casual fashion sunglasses combined with optical glasses function

    Lightweight/light frame

    Sustainable/sustainable design

The first pair of ocean-recycled glasses
in Taiwan

Made from 100% recycled fishing nets, Ocean Lives Forever!



Re-Nylon (Nylon 6 eco-friendly recycled frame)

100% recycled plastic pellets from waste fishing nets

(UL2809/ 256858-4210 certified)

Double-reinforced regenerated frame from discarded fishing net.


Polycarbonate /Polarized

Using ultra-impact protective glasses, the following types are available

1. Polycarbonate polarized lens

2. Polycarbonate lens with a colored reflective coating


FSC® Certified Packaging

Made of FSC® certified paper

Warranty card, price-tag and box included

rPET Eco-friendly Recycled Lens Cloth

Eco-Friendly Environment
Sustainable Earth

Protect your eyes,  reduce carbon for the earth, 

and work hard for marine life to regain its original breath and vitality.